The Enfield Police Department

Community Survey


Mission Statement


To maintain social order within the Town of Enfield, governed by constraints of ethical and constitutional requirements

2. To develop a partnership with the community to provide the highest quality of police services by promoting positive values within the community, providing a safer environment for the public, and encouraging civic responsibility.

Tell us about yourself: We ask that only residents, or those persons who visit the Town of Enfield on a frequent basis, complete the following survey. We ask that each person check only the boxes that pertain to them.

"*" Required Fields

*A.   Residency: Own   Rent   Visitor

*B.  How long have you lived in Enfield 1 – 5 years 6 – 10 years 11 years +

C.  Gender:   Male Female

D.  Ethnicity:  Caucasian  African American Native American
  Asian/Pacific Islander Hispanic  Other

E.  Age: Under 20  20-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65 and over

F.  Neighborhood affiliation: (Important to help target enforcement efforts)

  a) Thompsonville North Thompsonville Whit Acres
    Southwood Acres Green Manorville Crescent Lake
    Hazardville Presidential Out of town
    Other or Don’t Know    
  b) Street name


*1.   How are we doing? Check the box that most describes how you feel about the

      Enfield Police Department and the job we're doing.

     Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor    Don't Know

2.  How safe do you feel, for yourself, your family and your property?

    Very safe  Safe  Unsafe  Don't Know

3.  Currently, what would you like to see the police concentrate on in your area?

    Check all that apply

   Burglaries Traffic Violations Vandalism Loud Parties
  Auto Thefts Auto Burglaries Loitering Satisfied
  Other Concerns:

4.  In your neighborhood, check the box that most applies to your level of concern for

     the following questions.

  Great Some None Experienced in
 the last 2 yrs
       a. Your house will be broken into

       b. You will be robbed, or stolen from

       c. You will be attacked on the street

       d. You will be attacked in your house

       e. Your car will be damaged or broken into

       f.  Your car will be stolen

       g. You will be sexually attacked

5. How often do you, walk, run or bike in your neighborhood?

  Frequently Infrequently Not at all
         5 AM -   5 PM

         5 PM - 12 AM

       12 AM -   5 AM

6. Personal involvement: (check all that you would do)

   Report suspicious activity Report a crime Assist as a witness
  Assist a person in need of help Testify against a criminal Not get involved

7.  How would you like to see us better serve you in your neighborhood?

     Check all that apply

     Cruiser Patrol  Foot Patrol  Bicycle Patrol  Acceptable as is

8.  Importance of existing Services? How important are the following services to you?

    Very Slightly Not at all

Youth Programs


Crime Prevention Programs


Traffic Enforcement


Investigation by Detectives


After School Programs


Citizen's Academy

9.  Have you had contact with the Enfield Police department in the past year?

     Yes No If no, skip to question 10

9.a If you have had contact with an Enfield Police Officer during the past year,

      how would you rate your experience?

     Excellent Good Fair Poor

9.b  If you had contact with an Enfield Police dispatcher during the past year,

       how would you rate your experience?

      Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor

9.c  How was your contact with the department made?

      Personal contact Phone Walk in complaint Other

10.  Additional comments and suggestions that you feel that will improve the effort of

        the Enfield Police to serve you and the Town of Enfield better: 


If not completing this form on the internet, please mail or drop off the completed form to:

       Enfield Police Department

       Community Survey

       293 Elm Street

       Enfield, CT 06082-3907

Thank you for your participation